Biotech: Big Business or Social Enterprise?

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Biotech:  Big Business or Social Enterprise?

By nature, biotech companies are social enterprises. They are committed to having positive social impact as well as reaching more commercial objectives related to increasing visibility, partnership opportunities and revenue. Such is the case for mBio Diagnostics and miRagen Therapeutics, two growing biotech companies looking to build their businesses on a solid communications platform.

mBio, for example, is on a mission to accelerate the diagnosis for HIV, hepatitis and other infectious diseases of high global impact in order to improve human health, and miRagen is harnessing the power of microRNA biology disease in areas of unmet need such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease and fibrosis. Both have big plans for their businesses as well as the people who will ultimately benefit from the work they do.

Working as a strategic communications advisor to both companies, Kecia Carroll from KC ROBERG facilitated insight discussions that resulted in a strategic communications platform — vision, mission, positioning statement and key supporting messages – and a communications plan for reaching their respective business objectives. Check out mBio and miRagen to see their stories related to doing great things for business and the communities they serve.

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