Communications Program Moving Forward Steps Forward

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Communications Program Moving Forward Steps Forward

Forward Steps is a small nonprofit making a big difference in the lives of emancipating foster youth transitioning to self-sufficiency and independence. They had vision and passion but no plan. Drawing on strategic marketing and communications principles and practices deployed with other types of startups going through their own ‘commercialization’ process, KC Roberg worked with Forward Steps to develop a marketing and communications plan to reach business objectives, achieve funding goals and engage target audiences.

In many ways, nonprofit marketing is very similar to startup marketing. You have a vision and a mission. Funders and donors to attract. Referral sources to engage. And customers or program recipients to recruit. When it comes to both financial and human resources, they work lean, so marketing plans and programs need to be focused, feasible and on target.

Armed with a solid strategy and clear roadmap, Forward Steps is well on its way to reaching development and recruitment goals.

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