Engaging a Community on Education Vision

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Engaging a Community on Education Vision

The Creative Village Development team and its education partners wanted to engage the Parramore community in a conversation about their vision for education. To facilitate the discussion, we created an interactive “art wall” concept that served three primary purposes:

1. Information gathering to inform our education partners
2. Raise community awareness about Creative Village
3. Begin to establish “place” for the real estate project

The Creative Village team brought in Kecia Carroll to lead various aspects of the project including community engagement, project coordination and reporting.

Through six education-focused community events conducted with a variety of partners and venues in the Parramore community, we received vision statements from more than 300 residents ranging in age from 3 to 56 years old. In addition to engaging the Parramore neighborhood, this project gave the Creative Village team the ability to walk alongside other community stakeholders such as the City of Orlando, Valencia College, UCF and Orange County Public Schools.


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