Evolving a Hospitality Brand and Business

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Evolving a Hospitality Brand and Business

In 2016, The Carroll Adams Group celebrated 15 years of as a top interiors purchasing company in the hospitality industry. In that time they added more than 40 employees; built long-standing relationships with developers, designers and furniture manufacturers; weathered a recession; and opened, closed and acquired offices across the country, and the world, based on market demand.

Like many startups, the company of today looks very different than the company of yesterday. To proactively respond to changes in the business as well as the market, Carroll Adams engaged KC ROBERG to develop and execute on a strategic marketing and communications plan and processes. After an extensive discovery period with the leadership team and internal and external stakeholders, KC ROBERG helped to develop an updated positioning statement and key messages that were clear, concise and compelling. This messaging was integrated into new and existing marketing initiatives: website, social media, brand toolkit, business development and employee engagement.

With a solid platform in place, the focus shifted to establishing accountability and sustainability, and soon we’ll begin the process of measurement, assessment and adjustment for the new year.

If you ask the company founder how he measures success – a question we first asked at the beginning of our journey – he’ll tell you accurate and consistent messaging; increased industry engagement with designers, builders and partners; increased website traffic; increased RFP requests and wins; reduced waste relative to marketing expenses and employee involvement with programs. When you start with the end goal in mind, you are more likely to achieve it.

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