From Vision Statements to Vision Boards

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From Vision Statements to Vision Boards

“When you visualize, then you materialize.”
Denis Waitley, author of “The Psychology of Winning”

That is why I’ve spent much of my career working with executives, facilitating corporate vision statements that help them focus on the future and what their organizations want to ultimately become. Since a company’s vision is closely tied to its goals and purpose, the outcome of this exercise is often the anchor of their strategic plan.

The journey is similar for individuals, which is how I got into vision board parties. I guide participants through a process that is both thought provoking and fun, helping them create a tangible representation of their goals and ideal life. Participants put their individual dreams to canvas leaving with a piece of art intended to guide and inspire their weeks, months, and years ahead.

When it comes to making a vision board, there is no right or wrong way. These steps will help ensure it is meaningful.

• As with any successful party, it is important to prepare. I encourage participants to think about their goals prior to the event and begin to cut out images and words from magazines and Pinterest that represent those goals.

• To kick off a vision board party, I start with introductions and intentions. We’ll go around the table and have all attendees state their name and what they hope to achieve with their vision board. This sparks great conversation, advice, and additional helpful ideas.
• We continue to cut out images, laying them out on a canvas before gluing them down.

• Research shows that when your images of affirmations and your goals are visualized, you are more likely to achieve them which is why I recommend you place your vision board somewhere where you can see it on a regular basis.

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