Go-to-Market Strategy for Tech Startup

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Go-to-Market Strategy for Tech Startup

Comprehensive Software Systems (CSS) was a successful, well-established product development company; however, when it came time to go to market, they found themselves operating more like a tech start up. CSS brought in Kecia Carroll to drive the market strategy process, including the creation of branding and messaging with diverse key audiences in mind: management, investors, clients, media and staff.

A strategic ‘Insight Out’ process became the framework for a sound strategy and results-oriented implementation, carefully integrating both internal and external initiatives across media types including events, direct, digital, print and public relations. In addition to branding, Kecia Carroll developed a B2B sales development program including 1) a Top 100 targeted marketing campaign to raise awareness and establish relationships to jumpstart long sales cycle, 2) a business development process supporting the complete sales cycle: CRM, RFI, lead-generation metrics, sales funnel ranking, client acquisition cost trend analysis and 3) a channel marketing program for key partners such as Microsoft and Unisys.

CSS went from start up to superstar with a very important B2B audience – financial services companies.   There were a lot of successes along the way, however some key successes included positive media exposure in industry and business publications including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and doubling of website traffic after a digital advertising launch campaign, both resulting in a full sales pipeline. Not a bad start for this ‘start up’.

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