Public Awareness Campaign for Clean Energy Initiative

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Public Awareness Campaign for Clean Energy Initiative

Colorado, specifically Boulder, has a reputation for innovation.  So it seems only natural that it would be at the center of a historic decision regarding the City’s clean energy goals.  The Boulder Clean Energy Business Coalition, comprised of energy companies and business leaders, came together in support of two Boulder ballot initiatives that if passed, would encourage innovation, stimulate the local economy and provide choices relative to clean energy.

Not unlike any new business or new product/service launch, a solid communications strategy and platform was a key component.  And in this campaign in particular — where the opposition outspent a more grassroots effort of the pro side 10:1 – focus and consistency were even more crucial.

KC ROBERG came on board to help develop and drive a communications strategy and platform that was both consistent and persistent.  The tightly integrated communications program included media training and press relations, video, advertising and online tools.

Both ballot initiatives passed and Boulder is back to the business of achieving its clean energy goals.

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