Q: What is the best way to engage staff in our company’s social media efforts?

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Q: What is the best way to engage staff in our company’s social media efforts?

A: Employees can be your best brand ambassadors so you are smart to leverage them, but first you need to make sure you have a few things in place. A social media policy. Clear processes and expectations. A plan. Support. And content. Social media can be like the Wild West if not managed properly.

Often times someone in marketing, communications or human resources will spearhead these foundational elements. If such a person doesn’t exist, you should appoint someone to be the social media lead and empower them to develop the framework for a successful social media program. I’ve even seen companies empower a committee which can also be effective, and divide the responsibilities for best results.

With a solid foundation in place, you could conduct a company meeting, webinar or event to officially launch your program to employees. Be sure to show how social media fits into the company’s overall communications efforts and the important role they play in sharing the story.

LinkedIn is widely recognized as a primary social network for businesses. To help beginners get started, provide guidance relative to building up their individual profiles and understanding the basic dos and don’ts.

  • Develop individual profile
  • Link to company’s business profile (look for the logo to link to) and accurately reflect company positioning to their profile summary
  • Include a professional photo
  • Follow the company page to receive company news and have good content to share further
  • Follow industry groups, media, competitors of interest
  • Increase business connections

As a general rule, for both beginners and advanced users, it is important for each individual to consider their personal time commitment to social media to ensure sustainability yet avoid overload. The goal is to increase visibility and develop business, not detract from it.

Then when you have fully engaged your ambassadors in your social media program, you’ll want to remind them that developing relationships is still more than ‘socializing’ electronically. You never want to replace good ol’ fashioned in-person connections with social ones. Don’t forget to meet, write, pick up the phone or visit when the opportunity presents itself.

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