Social Media for Professional Services Firm

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Social Media for Professional Services Firm

Canopy Advisory Group — a professional services firm specializing in placing established legal, finance/accounting, nonprofit consulting or marketing/communications freelancers with Denver businesses and nonprofits — had questions about how to best to leverage social media to enhance relationships, engage clients, build credibility and provide valuable resources for all of their key audiences.

Canopy reached out to advisor Kecia Carroll for answers. For Canopy, as well as any company regardless of size or scope, it boiled down to three steps:
1.  Structure – having a plan.  Understanding objectives, key positioning, target audiences, strategic content areas, available resources and measurement criteria.
2.  Sustain – understanding what time and resources they could commit to keeping it going.  For some, that schedule or routine may involve 1 hour a week, for others it is 10 minutes a day.
3.  Start — This step is often the most intimidating, however doing a good job with 1 & 2, will make step 3 easier.

Canopy’s social media is built on a solid foundation.  Advisors are engaged.  Content is coming together.  They are linked with important audiences and a network of possibilities.

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