Strategic Partnerships for Mobile Citizen

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Strategic Partnerships for Mobile Citizen

When your list of resources is significantly shorter than your list of opportunities, you need to be creative. That was the case for Mobile Citizen, a mobile Internet service provider about to expand its service to nonprofits and schools across the country.

Kecia Carroll of KC ROBERG, who serves at the company’s outsourced marketing director, developed and implemented a channel marketing program leveraging local nonprofit organizations as strategic partners. Market-specific partners, functioning as communications channels, added credibility and extended Mobile Citizen’s resources and reach.

Each local launch was supported and enhanced with integrated marketing and communications tools such as web/email marketing, customized collateral, events, public relations and social media.

Thanks to a solid channel marketing strategy, Mobile Citizen has had a successful national launch and boasts dozens of delighted partners and lots of mobile customers productively and affordably roaming around from coast to coast.

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