Workforce Development – Creating Prosperity for All

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Workforce Development – Creating Prosperity for All

Tampa Bay employers will need to fill more than 850,000 job openings in the next five years. Faced with a critical talent shortage, the region faced a major challenge. To address the foundational issues within the region’s talent development system – and create opportunities for unemployed and underemployed residents – a more productive structure, process and relationship between workforce providers and employers needed to be built.

It began with a coordinated regional effort that engaged employers at the heart of the solution.

As its initial project, Tampa Bay Works established two collaboratives with employers who were ready to redefine the workforce development process as we know it today, and create a strong, sustainable talent pipeline for the future. However, by addressing workforce development challenges in this new and unique way, Tampa Bay Works and the dedicated members of its employer collaboratives would so much more.  Together, they will help to ensure that unemployed and underemployed workers, as well as young people living in the Tampa Bay region, have the skills and opportunities to build successful careers, stabilize their families and improve their lives.

KC ROBERG worked with Tampa Bay Works to develop a website that would serve as a platform for telling its story, build awareness of both the challenge and the solution, and then engage employers and the community in its mission. After the successful completion of its initial project, Tampa Bay Works plans to replicate results across other industries and talent clusters important to the region. To learn more or get involved, be sure to visit their brand-new website.

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